Introduction to ISO 50001

Training Course


This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the standard and its requirements.

Course Type

  • eLearning
  • Classroom
  • In-house

Who should attend?

  • ENERGY MANAGERS: professionals who are responsible for overseeing and managing energy usage and efficiency within an organization.
  • SUSTAINABILITY MANAGERS: Individuals who are responsible for implementing sustainable practices within an organization, including energy management. 
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGERS: Those who are responsible for managing environmental aspects and impacts within an organization, including energy consumption.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE PROFESSIONALS: individuals who are involved in ensuring that energy management standard and regulations are met within an organization.

  • CONSULTANTS: professionals who provides guidance and support to organizations in implementing and maintaining energy management systems. 

What will you learn?

  • The purpose and business benefits of implementing an EnMS
  • The background to ISO 50001
  • Key requirements of an EnMS
  • Essential definitions to help interpret ISO 50001 requirement

  • Similarities of ISO 50001 with ISO 14001 EnMS requirements
  • How an EnMS should help ensure that your energy related legal obligations are met.

What do you need to prepare

  • No previous training.

Course Length

One day

What is included

  • Exemplar Global Approved Certificate

This WECERT‘s training course satisfies the formal training requirements stipulated by the Exemplar Global.

Exemplar Global certified training is mapped to a unique competency framework based on the latest skills needed by employers. As an Approved Training Partner, WECERT has been thoroughly assessed to ensure the highest standards.

Interested in future development

if you are interested in developing your competence within this field you may participate in the following training course and achieve more competence

  • Course Fee

    Early Bird Fee

    This CQI & IRCA registered five-day course will continue your professional development on how to audit an Energy Management System (EnMS) against ISO 50001 requirements. Learn how to plan, evaluate and report the results of an EnMS audit.

    Successful completion of this course, together with fulfilling other criteria can lead to IRCA registration.

  • Course Fee

    Early Bird Fee

    Extend your auditing skills and knowledge with this two day training course. Verify the effective implementation and maintenance of your energy management system and learn how to plan, conduct and report Energy Management System (EnMS) audits to meet key requirements of ISO 50001.

    The course is delivered by tutors who are experts in management systems auditing and experienced in training.