Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility


Social Responsibility

Organisations and their stakeholders alike are rapidly becoming aware and accountable on their social responsibility.  How an organisation can demonstrate its commitment to the welfare of society and the environment is becoming become a key measure in its overall performance, which reflects the growing recognition that we need to prioritise environmental, social, and governance matters.

  • This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the standard and its requirements.

  • Extend your auditing skills and knowledge with this two day training course. Verify the effective implementation and maintenance of your energy management system and learn how to plan, conduct and report Energy Management System (EnMS) audits to meet key requirements of ISO 50001.

    The course is delivered by tutors who are experts in management systems auditing and experienced in training.

  • This CQI & IRCA registered five-day course will continue your professional development on how to audit an Energy Management System (EnMS) against ISO 50001 requirements. Learn how to plan, evaluate and report the results of an EnMS audit.

    Successful completion of this course, together with fulfilling other criteria can lead to IRCA registration.

Demonstrate your responsibility

With our expertise, our clients can measurably demonstrate the impact of their ESG actions by making them traceable, visible and reliable. By bringing transparency, we provide audit and certification services to protect clients’ brands and reputations.