At WECERT Training Academy, we offer diverse training solutions spanning across various business and industry sectors, empowering both individuals and corporations.


Training Course by Category

  • QHSE Training Courses

    Enhance your QHSE knowledge and skills with our comprehensive training courses. Whether you're an individual or a corporate client, we have the training you need to succeed. Our courses are delivered by experienced professionals and cover a wide range of topics, including quality management, health and safety, and environmental management.

  • Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

    Take your sustainability and corporate responsibility knowledge to the next level with our comprehensive training course. Learn from experienced professionals and gain the skills you need to make a positive impact on the world.

  • Cybersecurity & Information Security

    Protect your organization from cyber threats with our comprehensive cybersecurity and information security training courses. Learn from experienced professionals and gain the skills you need to protect your data, systems, and networks.

  • Risk Management

    Amplify your proficiency in Risk Management through our comprehensive training courses. Whether you're an individual seeking personal development or a corporate entity aiming for excellence, we provide specialized training solutions tailored to your requirements. Our courses are facilitated by seasoned professionals in the field and encompass an array of topics, from strategic risk management to mitigation techniques and regulatory compliance.

  • Food Safety Training Courses

    Elevate your understanding and expertise in Food Sustainability with our extensive range of training courses. Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or a business aiming to excel, we offer tailored training solutions to meet your needs. Our courses are led by seasoned industry experts and encompass a diverse array of subjects, from quality management and occupational health and safety to environmental management.

  • This course prepares delegates to audit Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) according to ISO 22000:2018, enabling them to lead audits and teams both within their own organizations and externally.

  • Attending this three (3) day internal auditor course enables you to demonstrate you have the necessary skills to conduct internal audits against ISO 22000:2018 requirements with the Guidance of ISO 19011:2018 guidelines.

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At WECERT Training Academy, our commitment to delivering exceptional training and education is exemplified by our valued partnership with Exemplar Global. As a globally recognized leader in professional credentialing, Exemplar Global’s endorsement signifies our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality, relevance, and industry recognition.

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Exemplar Global’s approval is not merely a seal, but a testament to our academy’s unwavering pursuit of excellence. This partnership affirms that our courses align with rigorous international standards and are designed to provide you with practical skills that are directly applicable in today’s competitive landscape.